Excellence in Education: Back to School Drive

The countdown to the first day of school is on and Lincoln Salvation Army is helping to make sure every kid has the school supplies they need to learn.

Each year, Salvation Army locations around the country hold ‘Back to School’ drives. It’s a way to get crucial supplies, like pencils and notebooks, to kids before they start the new school year.

 "This will just take a little bit of the burden off the parents. And the kids get so excited when they come in and get to select their own backpack and get the supplies that they’re needing. They’re excited to go back to school, and now they’re even more excited because they’ve got the things they need," says Clarice Mackey, with the Salvation Army.

The Lincoln Salvation Army hopes to help 500 students in need, from the Lincoln area. Already, more than 150 families have signed up to receive supplies.
If you or your kid is in need of supplies, the Salvation Army is still looking for families in need to help. You can go to the Lincoln Salvation Army Thursday, July 28th to sign up.

If you have the resources to donate, items like backpacks and calculators are especially needed. You can drop off any school supplies at the Salvation Army location (2625 Potter St.), or at a local Shopko store.