Excellence in Education: Batter Up

Posted By: Channel 8 Eyewitness News


Two middle school boys are combining their love of sports with science. It was part of Waverly’s middle school science fair.

"Well our project was to test which bat- wood, composite, or alloy- would hit the balls the furthest," says Logan, a student at Waverly.
The project is called ‘Batter Up’. Waverly eighth grade students Andrew and Logan teamed up to find out which bat would help them score a home-run at their next game.

They built their own pendulum machine, then started collecting data. Using their machine, they made sure the only changing variable was the type of bat.

The result? Alloy, or aluminum, bats hit the farthest!
"It was pretty drastic. The wood bat hit an average of 34.5 feet. The composite hit an average of 38.5 feet. The alloy hit an average of 42 feet," says Andrew.
The boys spent two months working on their project.

More than 80 students competed in the Waverly science fair.