Excellence in Education: Calming Caddies

Posted by Gwen Baumgardner


Prescott Elementary School is adding something new to each of their classrooms this year. It’s called a ‘Calming Caddie.’

It may look like a tub of toys, but in the kits are tools to calm students down when they get upset. The caddies contain items like stuffed animals, stress balls, and toys to relax.
Each Prescott teacher has a Calming Caddie and a classroom space for kids to go, without distracting their classmates or leaving the room.

The caddies are already making an impact in classrooms, by giving kids an outlet to calm down and re-focus.

"Students come in with a lot of baggage and things that they’re dealing with, so any way that we can provide an outlet for them, and help them be successful here at school. And also, more importantly, keeping them in the classroom and helping them do their best," says Prescott Counselor, Kathy L’Heureux, who helped start the program.

The Calming Caddies were paid for through a grant with Thrivent Financial, and donations from Westminster Church and Aidan’s Animal.

Aidan’s Animal shares, "We are proud of Kathy, Prescott and to be a part of their efforts to make everyone’s school experience happy, healthy and safe"!

L’Heureux is hoping other schools in the district will incorporate Calming Caddies into their classrooms as well.