Excellence in Education: Cross Cultural Mentoring at SCC

Southeast Community College and Lincoln High School are teaming up for a new class.  

‘Cross Cultural Mentoring’ will center around culture and mentoring. 

"It’s really just a great opportunity for people to just to get to know each other, as well as learning about another culture," says professor, Emily Suh.

Beginning this fall, SCC students will be matched up with English Language Learners at Lincoln High. College students will serve as mentors, while the younger students will teach about their cultures.

"They’re able to connect with cultures that are here locally," says professor, Nicole Trevena Flores. "We’re training them in the class: how to do the mentoring, how to do the tutoring, how to support other cultures and how to be inclusive and how to not be closed-minded to all the variety of cultures that are here in this state."