Excellence in Education: Hamlow First Day

Students at Evelyn Hamlow Elementary School in Waverly were all smiles for their first day of school on Tuesday.
Students in the district were able to enjoy three extra days of summer break, while indoor construction was being completed.

At Hamlow Elementary, the playground has been replaced, the bathrooms have been renovated, and the gym has been updated. Students were excited about the upgrades, as well as some other things. Two first grade students said they were excited to learn reading and writing, as well as make new friends. "

Teachers were also excited for the first day. One teacher says the extra days helped her prepare for the upcoming year.

"We’re super excited to be back in the classroom, and the extra days were nice just to give us some extra time to get everything ready; get our classrooms set up. With the construction, we couldn’t be in our rooms for a lot of the summer and so we needed a few extra days to make sure everything was ready to go and have a successful first day," says Toni Bloch, a kindergarten teacher.

The middle school and high school in Waverly had their first day on Monday.