Excellence in Education: Harry Potter Summer Reading Party

The ‘Lincoln City Libraries Summer Reading Program’ came to a close at Sheridan Elementary today. For the past six weeks, the school librarian, Lavonne Hanlon, has been organizing reading parties every Wednesday. Kids can play games, make crafts, and pick out books.
Today, the library threw a Harry Potter themed party.

"I love Harry Potter, and so I wanted to come here," says Emma, an attendee.
Emma, along with dozens of other kids, were attending the ‘Harry Potter Quiddich Cup’ event. Kids made wands, mixed potions, ate snacks, and checked out books from the series.

"I  like the theme of good versus evil, and how friends and teamwork will conquer all. It’s a good way to end our Summer Reading Program as the kids have been reading books all year," says Hanlon.

Sheridan Elementary has been a host for the Summer Reading Program for more than a decade.