Excellence in Education: Husker Band

Posted By: Gwen Baumgardner


While the Husker football team has been gearing up for tomorrow’s game, so has the UNL marching band! This year the band is using new technology to make practicing for their half-time shows, more efficient.

In addition to trumpets, snare drums, and twirling flags, you may spot some iPads on the field. The band is incorporating iPads and the Hudl app into their practice routine. Instead of carrying several pages of paper, with the music and the choreography, band members can access everything they need with the tap of a finger.
Band leaders can also monitor where musicians should move, as well as make music or step changes that can be easily downloaded to the app.

"We’ve seen how much it can help. It reduces time going through your music, through your paper. For us, we can pull up anything really fast if we need to. We can communicate with each other really quickly though the apps and stuff on there. So I think that for the most part it’s been very positive overall," says senior band member, Libby Hunt.

The iPads are an important tool, because or each game the band learns a new halftime show!

The band hopes to pass out iPads to every band member after this month.