Excellence in Education: Natalie ACT

It’s an honor less than one percent of high school students earn- a 36 on the ACT. But one local student gets to celebrate, after receiving her test score.

Natalie Schieuer is a senior at Pius X High School. After taking the ACT last year, she was determined to retake it at the chance for a perfect score.

And she succeeded!

Natalie hopes the score will help her get into one of her top schools next year, like the Naval Academy, UNL, or Notre Dame. Though she does have a few others on her list.

Afterward school, he wants to become a doctor.

Natalie shares how she got a 36. "I found some websites where people were giving certain tips about the different subjects. And I took some practice tests on my own and just really worked on the things that I was missing and really practiced those skills over and over until I got them right," says Natalie.

In her free time, Natalie also runs cross country and plays tennis and basketball. Her favorite school subjects are math and science.