Excellence in Education: Principal starts 50th year in education

Posted by Gwen Baumgardner


Many students at Prescott Elementary School are getting adjusted to a new teacher, a new classroom, and a new year. But for their principal, going to school is how she’s spent most of her life!

"I don’t know any different than to be in education because I went straight from college to teaching, and have always been in schools since 1950," says Principal Ruth Ann Wylie.

This year, Principal Wylie is starting her 50th year in education. She grew up in Lincoln, went to UNL, and has spent all of her career with Lincoln Public Schools. This will be her ninth year at Prescott Elementary School.

Wylie has helped the school secure national grants and awards, and worked to collaborate with the surrounding community to build an outdoor classroom.

Principal Wylie has several goals for the upcoming year.
"We’re making sure that we’re building communities at Prescott School, one classroom at a time to make our school, continue to make our school a very safe, and supportive, productive learning environment for our students," says Wylie.

During the first week of school, staff surprised Principal Wylie with this sign to honor her dedication to education. One Prescott Staff member tells Channel 8 that Principal Wylie is, "A great supervisor, role model, and good leader."