Excellence in Education: Quilt House

While classes at UNL were canceled today, the University’s International Quilt Study Center and Museum remained open. It gave students and the community an opportunity to learn something new.

"The International Quilt Study Center and Museum is unique in that it is the only academically housed museum. There are a number of other museums devoted to quilts around the country and around the world, but we’re unique in that way," says Jonathan Gregory, a curator for the museum.
Currently, the museum is celebrating Nebraska’s 150 years of statehood, through a collection of quilts.

Next week another Nebraska-based exhibit will open up at the museum. It will feature 37 quilts submitted from across the country, from quilters with ties to Nebraska. The quilts will be judged, with the top placed quilts traveling around the state.

Gregory says the museum is an asset to students and the community. He says patterns can showcase the state’s rich history.
"Quilts are a window into women’s history, and to domestic history and to the people that didn’t end up in the history books. So it’s a way to study this part of our part that is often obscured," says Gregory.
The museum has the largest collection of publicly owned quilts in the world.

The Statehood Exhibit will be open through April.