Excellence in Education: SCC Apple

Posted by Gwen Baumgardner


There’s a new addition to the Lincoln Campus of Southeast Community College. It’s a metal sculpture created by two female welding students.

"It’s very surreal seeing that it’s done and seeing a year’s worth of work into it. Just it finally being done is just surreal. It’s kind of unbelievable still," says Courtney Cuddeford, one of the students that helped design and weld the sculpture.

Cuddeford and Porsche Johnson were the only two women in their welding program. Because of their skill, they were chosen by Professor Mark Hawkins to create a sculpture for campus.

The result is a 13-foot, 1,200 pound metal apple, called ‘Potential.’

Johnson says the name is fitting for a school environment. "There’s potential in just about anybody."

The apple represents education, while surrounding metal flowers represent growth.

The women say they feel a sense of pride every time they are on-campus and see the sculpture. For Johnson, she says the project also help her find her passion.
"I really didn’t know that this (welding) would be something I would really, really like. And we got started on it and it was awesome. It was just something I knew I wanted to do, maybe forever."