Excellence in Education: SCC culinary students feed legislators

A group of SCC culinary schools were at the capital today. Their objective? To feed state legislators!

In the capital, tables were filled with blueberry, chocolate chip, and cranberry orange scones. More than 450 scones were made for legislators and their staff to enjoy throughout the day. Students at SCC made the items from scratch!

"We made all that food yesterday, lots of different scones and things just to show how proficient we are at what we do," says student Honey Carlson.

In addition to eating the sweets, legislators could talk with students about their college programs.

"I think it’s wonderful for the senators, to really get an opportunity to see what our community colleges are doing in Nebraska. And when we talk about budgets and when we talk about whats going on in these colleges, we’re talking about people. And so I think it’s a wonderful thing when people come and share their story and share their talents," says Senator Carol Blood of Bellevue.

"I think it’s a great opportunity to show people what we do, to show people what SCC does. Just because we do so much for people, and let them know that there are other opportunities out there for schooling and that we’re invested in our community," says Carlson.

This is the second year SCC culinary students have provided breakfast at the state capital. It is part of the Arts Advocacy Day at the Capitol. SCC was hoping to highlight that culinary can also be a form of art!