Excellence in Education: SCC Wellness Coordinator

It’s almost one month into the new year, and Southeast Community College is helping students reach their New Year’s resolutions.

 "I work with mainly student wellness. That’s focusing on the seven dimensions for wellness. Everything from financial to physical health to environmental health, we do programs from that," says Allie Buesing. 
Buesing is the wellness coordinator at Southeast Community College in Lincoln. She began working at SCC in October and has already made a positive impact on students and staff.
Buesing meets regularly with students to discuss and outline fitness goals. She also teaches several free wellness classes, including yoga and strength sessions. She says wellness is important for students transitioning to college.
"A lot of times in college, we’ll get stressed, and we start to eat more, a lot of junk food. We don’t have our parents around to cook! So it is huge for students to learn that (wellness). And it’s also a huge resource that this is practically free to students, so they don’t have to pay for a gym membership. They don’t have to pay for personal training. They have all the resources here to take advantage of while they can," says Buesing.
Another thing students can take advantage of is Buesing’s monthly newsletter with healthy recipes and fitness tips for the SCC community. She recently kicked off a campus fitness challenge for students.