Excellence in Education: Spit Camp

Posted By: Channel 8 Eyewitness News


 What do educational research and saliva have in common? A group of academics attended a two day ‘Spit Camp’ at UNL to find out!

"It was very involved, so they took their own saliva samples," says research associate, Jessica Calvi.
The Salavitory Bioscience Lab is where the Spit camp did their saliva research. The camp was a hands-on training that showed how to test for and use data from spit.

The session was put on by UNL’s Center for Brain, Biology, and Behavior.

The purpose of the camp was to show researchers that saliva can be a beneficial to several types of academic studies.

"Adding in that biological component of getting information from saliva can really help them to answer the next generation of questions in their own research. I think we sparked a few ideas, and I think we are building a group of people that are learning to use this new technology," says Calvi.
This was the second year for the camp. UNL hopes to hold another ‘Spit Camp’ next year.