Excellence in Education: Student starts her own charity

Posted By: Megan Conway


A student at Holmes Elementary School is starting her own charity. She may be young, but this girl is making positive changes to the world around her.

“The reason I got into this was because I saw a need in my school. Some kids, they just didn’t have the school supplies to be successful, so I thought ‘hey, how about we give them that,’” says DaVaya, a 4th grader.

DaVaya’s charity is called "Acts of Kindness." With help from her TeamMates mentor Amanda, she gathers school supplies that’s donated by friends, family and teachers. Then they puts together bags for students who are less fortunate. So far, they’ve made 15 bags.

“It makes me happy because even if I don’t know who it’s going to, it’s kind of like ‘oh, I’m giving out the bags this week. I wonder what kids are going to be thrilled and happy that they have school supplies and can be successful.’” says DaVaya.

“I thought it was really cool that she wanted to do something like that, especially for a fourth grader wanting to reach out to people her own age and help them,” says Amanda Brandenburgh, DaVaya’s TeamMates mentor. 

DaVaya hopes to expand her charity to all the schools in Lincoln. If you would like to donate to her cause, you can mail or drop off items or monetary gifts at Holmes Elementary School. You can also email DaVaya at AOKLincoln@gmail.com.