Excellence in Education: Talent and passion meet in the kitchen

Posted By: Megan Conway


The North Star culinary classes we featured yesterday, also have some hardware to add to their trophy case. Two of their students have found their passion and talent meet in the kitchen.

"Cooking just kind of relieves stress for me. It also is just a fun way to learn new things about cooking because you can make so many different things with it," says Ashley Kistaitis, a senior culinary student.

"I think cooking, it kind of just brings everyone together, at some point, and just connects us all together. I think it’s really important to know how to cook or know how to change things up to just make it your own," says Rachelle Placios, a sophomore culinary student.

Those two students made up the team from North Star who competed in LPS’s annual Culinary Competition. The chefs had one hour to cook a meal for the judges. These winners decided to make a pumpkin sauce with homemade raviolis filled with chicken and cheese, with a side of brussel sprouts.

"Everything that everyone else made, it had meat in it or it was just super fancy, so I think the judges really liked that we decided to make homemade raviolis. We had good communication and we just worked well together," says Placios.

"We were like ‘we’re just hoping to like place’ and so I think it was really exciting to have placed first, knowing that you’re better than the people who literally cook everyday. It was really exciting. I know we were really excited to actually win the entire thing," says Kistaitis.

The competition is held on UNL’s East Campus. North Star was one of seven teams that participated.