Excellence in Education: Tasty experiment wins Best in Show

Posted By: Megan Conway


One Lincoln student is celebrating after her tasty experiment helped her earn an award.

"I went to school and I said guess what I got in the State Fair, and they asked what, and I said Best in Show! They got excited, too, which was really fun because they kept jumping up and down," says Bianca Higgins, a 7th grader at Mickle. 

Bianca was on a mission to find out which brand of popcorn would pop the best. She says she choose this topic because she always burns popcorn at home. She tested 5 different brands, so this experiment definitely took some time.

"Maybe 3–4 days because I did have to cook all the popcorn. I had to take out all the seeds and count those from the brand, and then I had to find the mean of it," says Higgins.

Bianca has a real interest for science and says she might pursue a career in it someday.