Excellence in Education: Toddler Time

Posted by Gwen Baumgardner


Tuesday morning, a crowd of parents and kids waited at the Gere Branch Library front door, waiting for it to open.They arrived at the library early so they could get a good spot for ‘Toddler Time’.

Three mornings a week, parents and toddlers meet at the library for the Toddler Time class. It’s a half-hour filled with songs, books, and activities. The class is led by Ms. Sue. The class is meant to create an adult-toddler bond over reading, as well as to help small children build vocabulary.

"I just want my grandchildren to be familiar with books, and to love to read. And Ms.Sue is great as a storyteller. So we just keep coming back every week," says Lois, a participant.

The Gere Branch Library has been offering Toddler Time for 15 years. Now, several of the other Lincoln Public Libraries offer Toddler Time classes too.