Excellence in Education: Waverly Middle School Science Fair

The Waverly Middle School gym was filled with talk of theories, data, and conclusions.
Students were participating in their annual science fair.
For the past 10 weeks, Waverly’s 8th grade students have been putting together their science projects. Students picked a question, formed a hypothesis, and then started collecting data.

The goal of the science fair is to further students’ interest in science.

"It was cool doing research and stuff, because I learned a lot," says one student.

 "We put up quite a bit of hours. It took quite a long time doing our experiment. At school we spent a couple months doing this project. We worked really hard. I just hope we do really good at our science fair," says another student, named Colton.

The eighth-graders presented their findings to judges to be scored. Judges were National Honor Society members at Waverly High School, UNL Science students and professors, and school board members.

The top ten finishers from today’s science fair will move on to a regional competition. From there, students will have a chance to participate in a state competition if they score high enough.