Excellence in Education: Winner of national contest receives prize

Posted By: Megan Conway


We first told you about a Lincoln student winning a national Windstream contest a couple weeks ago. Well now, he’s receiving his prize!

“Well, Windstream as a technology company is very interested in how our services work toward making peoples’ lives better, and we thought what a great way to see what our next brightest people that are coming up, our young high school students, what ideas do they have that can help make peoples’ lives better,” says Brad Hedrick, Division Vice President of Operations for Windstream.

Carter Knopik won this year’s "Smart Tomorrow Start-up Challenge. He designed an app called "Thought Bubble," where users brainstorm new ideas through cloud–based, real–time collaboration. The Southwest High school senior was one of three finalists and couldn’t believe he had really won.

“It was over spring break and I was at home and I had just received an email. I saw it was from the Windstream people and I opened it. I had to read it a few times before I could actually believe it, but it was very exciting. I went down and told my parents, and they had a little bit of a freak out attack. It was all very exciting, and it took awhile to really sink in that I had won,” says Knopik. 

Carter received $20,000, which he says will go to college at UNL this fall and furthering his passion of film making. The Southwest High Booster Club was also given $20,000.