Excellence in Education: Zoo Check Presentation at Sheridan Elementary

Posted by Gwen Baumgardner


The Lincoln Children’s Zoo has a new donor. Today, Sheridan Elementary presented the Zoo with a big check. 

First grade students donated $786.98 to the Zoo. The money will go towards some of the Lincoln Zoo’s upcoming expansion projects. Students took a break from class to present the check and meet some new animals, including the kookaburra, which makes a laughing noise. 

"When the bird laughed, that was pretty cool," says Isla, a student. 

"I like the bird because it laughed a lot and it was really funny, and I liked the opossum because it was small and it was cute crawling around," says Olivia. 

Students raised the money at a recent school fair that centered around animals. Students spent two months researching an animal of their choice and they even took a trip to the zoo.