EXCLUSIVE: Civilian stops robber from fleeing the scene

By: Sabrina Ahmed

“I always tell myself, if I was there, I would have liked to think I could stop em, and that day, I ended up there, and I stopped him,” Garret Bush said.

A Lincoln man risks his life to stop a bank robber before he can flee the scene. 

As far as bank robberies go, this one's a bit unusual.  When the suspect turned to leave, he was confronted by a customer who wouldn't let him escape.  In an exclusive interview, he told us what he was thinking through the entire confrontation.

It was a pretty gallant effort.  One police say they wouldn't recommend others do.  But this man wrestled the thief to the ground and sat on him while they waited for police.

Garret Bush says he's not a hero.  When he was at the bank late Saturday morning, he risked his life to stop a desperate, dangerous man.

“Just felt like I was doing my duty as a citizen to stop a guy from taking money.  The easy way out.  I have to work for a living, I'm not going to let somebody walk into a bank and demand money,” Bush said.

It happened at the Union Bank near 48th and Dudley.  Bush said he was at a banker's desk when he heard a man demand rolls of money.

Police said 23–year–old transient Brett Dovell walked into the bank with the lower part of his face covered, demanded money and the teller gave it to him.

That's when 28–year–old Bush stepped in.  Bush had a fire extinguisher to protect himself, and wouldn't let the robber leave.

When he tried to pass him, Bush wrestled Dovel to the ground and sat on him.

“I just didn't want somebody else getting away—I hear stories all the time about people just walking into banks and holding up gas stations and just walking out and nobody stopping them,” Bush said.

Bush said the police told him it wasn't the smartest idea to take down an armed robber.  He was lucky because the suspect only had a pocket knife.

“You just cant always stand by and let people get away with stuff like this.  At the same time, I don't recommend that you tackle bad guys, but…”

Luckily no one was hurt in this ordeal.  We've gotten a lot of response from viewers calling this man a hero.

But he says he's just an ordinary man being a good citizen and thinking on his feet.