EXCLUSIVE: The Wilken family still wants answers

Posted By: Megan Conway


It’s been almost one month since Gabe Wilken was killed riding his motorcycle home from work. Officials believe he was hit near NW 48th street and I–80, but his body was dragged about two miles and found on O street. The family still doesn’t have closure or much information to go on, like who hit him or who dragged his body. That’s why they want to remind anyone with any details to come forward. 

“Any little thing could be a piece of the puzzle, so no matter how insignificant you think your information might be, it could help,” says Susie Wilken, Gabe’s mother.

The family says they keep in constant contact with the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office. The newest information they’re looking at is cell phone usage at the time and in the location that the accident happened. Deputies are still reviewing surveillance video from around the area as well. A private investigator, who was a friend of Gabe’s has also volunteered his time. 

“On his dime, he’s spent a lot of time and his own money and effort trying to help us,” says J.R. Wilken, Gabe’s father.

The family and Gabe’s long time soul–mate Carla Krcmarik have also set up a page for Gabe, where you can donate money to make a reward for anyone with information. There are also places to donate at American National Bank. 

“Whatever leads they can give us and if they give us leads that are substantial enough that we can have somebody arrested and convicted then that’s what the funds are for,” says Krcmarik.

Krcmarik says people are constantly posting pictures, videos and memorials to Gabe on the Facebook page they have for him and that no matter how long it takes, they won’t give up hope in finding answers to what happened to a man who touched so many lives.

Once again, if you have any details no matter how small, you can either contact the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office at (402) 441-6500 or the private investigator at (402) 486–4140.