Expanded Post Office Hours for the Holidays

        The US Postal Service has seen some hard times, but it’s not seeing new life thanks in part to online shopping.

        "In fact our business as grown exponentially over the last four years actually and really put a lot of pressure on us to get things delivered in a timely manner," said Lincoln Postmaster Kerry Kowalski.

        The number of people shopping online this holiday season has increased and so has the demand for shipping. So much so, it lead Kowalski to expand post office hours, "We will have retail window hours the next three Sundays– December 3, 10, and the 17th."

        Not all post office locations will be open Sundays. Only the main one located at 700 R street in the Haymarket will be open on Sundays from 10AM to 2PM. If you’re looking to mail items after work, the post office near Gateway Mall on Q street is open until 7PM on weekdays.

        Even the expanded hours has the post office struggling to keep up with demand. "With the number of packages we are delivering from online shopping it’s put a huge toll on us and in fact our vehicles capacity is not sufficient enough for us to get the packages in one trip," Kowalski said.

        The post office has hired additional workers to keep up with the increased demand. They are also expanding their delivery hours- packages will start being delivered at 6AM and run late into the night.

        It’s all part of the post office’s effort to make shipping more convenient during the holiday season."We want to make sure we are offering different opportunities for customers that may be using the post office more than they normally do.," Kowalski said.

        The increased shipping demand has also forced the post office to push shipping dates to ensure delivery by Christmas back one day from last year.