Expanding Gambling Was A Hot Topic In The Capital City On Wednesday

At the capitol, legislators debated a proposal to allow up to eight casinos statewide. Senators talked about it only for about thirty minutes before they adjourned for the day. So, no vote was taken. The measure remains in the second of three rounds of debate. It advanced from the first round with just 26 votes. Meanwhile, several economist spoke out on what they think expanded gambling would mean to Nebraska. The economists say nebraskans have been lied to. They along with some business owners spoke out on the three petition drives that are under way to legalize casino gambling, both for casinos and slot machines. Now they say they want to set the record straight. Economists talked for an hour on three key issues they say have been misleading voters. First, is the claim that we already suffer from crimes and other draw backs from gambling. So, why “not” add casinos? Well, the economists say just one casino can increase problems by 66 percent. Many business owners agree. The other issue is about creating new jobs. Some economists say if other businesses lose money they will lose jobs. They also say rolling the dice won't bring in tax revenue like proponents have said. The question was asked to the economists “why don't you just let the voters decide. They feel it should be left up to the legislature, because the average Nebraskan is not as informed. The measure needs to pass in the legislature with at least thirty votes before it could go to the voters.