Expansion planned for Gretna outlet mall

By: Hannah Paczkowski

As construction workers continue to build the outlet mall in Gretna, officials are planning for the next phase of construction, an expansion to the 330-thousand square foot shopping center.

“We've looked at initially how we could expand another hundred–thousand square feet, we try and do that by expanding the property to the north and then we continue with our merchandising strategy of bringing more fashion tenants,” Rodney Yates said.

Which adds on to the many New York-based tenants the mall has already acquired.

Many of which you can't find in your local mall, such as Kate Spade, Nike, Under Armor, and dozens more.

“We have great brands that don't exist here today on a store front basis and obviously they'll be offering a proposition at 30 to 70 percent off full price retail,” Yates said.

With today's technology, you can keep up–to–date with the latest sales at your favorite stores.

The mall is offering a downloadable app.

“When you enter into our center you'll be able to connect with brands that you like. You'll be able to see what offers they are making or presenting within the store today and they'll be able to connect with you digitally through your smart phone,” Yates said.

An offer that will be available in mid-October.