Extra Workers To Help Out At Polls

Election day is less than two weeks away, and Lancaster County election officials are preparing for what could be record turnout at the polls.

We've almost hit the home stretch in this election and officials right here in Lancaster county say they'll be ready for everyone who'll cast their ballots on November 4th.

13 days to go. 1100 workers ready to man the polls and that's just in Lancaster county. And they're will be extra people on hand to help it run smoothly. 

About 1500 more Lancaster county residents have registered to vote since the last election. And 22,000 voters have taken part in early voting so far this year. That's the same amount of early voters the Lancaster County election commission saw in 2004, and they expect it to keep rising.

So with interest growing, county officials plan on staffing about thirty of the busiest polling places with at least one more worker. Also on hand to help, about 30 more high school students who will be there to help out.

Don't be surprised if you see some extra people ready to help in a couple weeks. And election workers wanted us to remind everyone, when you fill out your ballots, don't put a check mark in the bubbles, be sure you fill them in completely, so your vote will be counted.