Extreme Makeover Backyard Edition Questionnaire

Please print this sheet, fill out the information requested, add a photo(s) of your backyard and mail it to Extreme Makeover: Backyard Edition, c/o Channel 8 KLKN-TV, 3240 South Tenth Street, Lincoln, NE 68502. Please note that we will not be able to send back the pictures.

(Please print in ink)

Full Name


City                                             State                                Zip Code

Night Phone No.                                                    Day Phone No.

Please answer the following as best as you can.

1. Do you own your home?

2. Size of your backyard?

3. Describe the terrain.

4. Do you have a deck?

5. If yes to deck, describe it's condition, age, has it been stained(when), etc.

6. Do you have a retaining wall and it's condition?

7. Do you have a fence?(If yes, what kind?)

8. Do you have a pond?

9.  As part of this makeover, would you be willing to have a bay window installed?

10. What would you say about your backyard to give our panel a better idea about its condition.




Thank you for supplying this information. Questionairre must be recieved by COB on June 4th.  Our experts will pick three to five on June 7th. You will be notified by telephone, if you have made the first cut to arrange for an in person interview and site research. Following the interviews and site research, the panel will determine the homeowner who will have the backyard makeover. Work will start on approximately June 14.