Fairbury Woman Arraigned For Murder

A Fairbury woman pled not guilty to murder in court.

Laurie Malousek was in court for an arraignment on Friday.

She's accused of killing her then boyfriend, David Koenig, in January.

She claims killing him was the only way she could protect her child.

In court documents, Laurie Malousek claims she was a Mother protecting her child from her abusive Boyfriend.

Malousek claims Koenig was abusing her child, forcing her to file for a protection order.

However, the court denied the request for a protection order after Malousek failed to appear in court.

In court documents Malousek felt killing Koenig was the only way to out.

Court documents state Malousek admitted to shooting David Koenig with a 22-caliber rifle two times.

Laurie Malousek was charged on January 15th of this year on two counts.

Now, both the defense and prosecution are preparing to go to trial.

Malousek's case is set to begin trial July 10th.