‘Fairy Car Mother’ lends woman car, repairs hers after break down

By: Lauren Fabrizi

Things have been looking really good for Sarah Moore of Lincoln and her 9–year–old daughter, Ava. Moore recently accepted a job as an aesthetician in Omaha after graduating from the College of Hair Design.

That all took a turn Sunday night after her car broke down on the side of the road.

“I broke down crying,” she remembered. “I was shivering, and smoke was pouring out of the car.”

The 31–year–old was on her way home to Lincoln from her boyfriend’s place in Ames when it happened. She called him for help. That’s when she said fate sent a Good Samaritan her way.

“Relief!” she said. “Because so many people had passed.”

A man from Weston, who wishes to remain anonymous, had finished fixing up his car and was taking it for a test drive when he saw Sarah. After checking out her car, he discovered the intake was cracked.

Sarah said what he did next blew her away.

“He’s like, ‘How ’bout you take my car, and I’ll fix yours,'” she said.

Sarah admitted she was hesitant at first, but agreed.

Monday she had more car trouble. The service light flashed on, on her way home from work, but she made it home safely.

Then, the kind man came to the rescue again with another one of his cars.

“He’s just the nicest man that I ever met!” Sarah remarked.

Sarah’s car should be fixed by Friday. The man isn’t charging her for labor, just $250 for the new part. He just asks that she pays it forward.

But, Sarah plans to return the favor.

“I told him he’s my Fairy Car Mother,” she said. “And that we’ll have to remain friends after this.”

This is the second time the man has helped someone out in a similar situation. When asked why he did it, he said, “That’s just what people are supposed to do for each other.”