Faithful Husker fans headed to California for bowl game

Posted By: Veronica Ortega

Over the weekend football fans were excited to learn the Huskers are headed to a bowl game. They face off against UCLA in the Foster Farms Bowl December 26th.

"Through the good and bad they’re always there so when they did make the announcement yesterday we automatically started getting emails coming in, since we weren’t open Sunday, and past travelers that had direct numbers were calling direct numbers," says Paul Glenn with Executive Travel.

Glenn says there’s been a lot of interest the only problem is the holiday timing.

"It also means it’s already a high travel time. So getting out to California is a possibility at this point, but it’s an expensive trip to get out there," says Paul Glenn.

Glenn says flights start around $800 and a person could end up spending more than $2,200 for airfare, hotel, and game tickets. Not to worry travel agents say they will work with you to find the best deal for your budget.

"Now there would be some alternatives for those that are flexible like going out earlier, going out before Christmas, if you can stay later that could really help with the airfares and it might make it so you can enjoy California and enjoy the weather," says Paul Glenn.

Glenn says because they have such a loyal fan base he predicts a big turnout of supporters at Levi’s Stadium sporting Husker red.