Family asking for help to give their mother a proper burial

By: Kayla Bremer

A grieving family is overwhelmed by the number of people who stepped up to help give their mother a proper burial.

The McCullough family is mourning the loss of their mother.  They look through pictures and tell stories of the mom, grandma and sister she was.  Four kids and a grandchild are left behind after Patricia McCullough collapsed Saturday afternoon while at a gas station.

Minutes later, she died in her 17–year–old daughter's arms.

The children are now wards of the state so we're protecting their identities.

“I was glad God gave me that last minute with her,” her 17-year-old daughter said.

Patricia's kids and the rest of her family have gone through some hard times and don't have the money to bury their mom the way she wanted.  They need at least 4,000 dollars by Friday in order to avoid having her cremated.

“She had a strong belief in being buried natural and from our feelings and all this about the kids, they want to see their mom, they want to have a natural funeral for their mom, a natural viewing,” Patricia's sister Angela said.  “They want to say goodbye to their mom.”

The five kids have been in foster care over the last year since their mom became ill.

A program in Lincoln called Foster Care Closet heard about their story and wanted to help.  They posted on their facebook page, asking for anyone interested to donate.

Within 24 hours, Lincoln responded and raised more than 1,000 dollars for the family.

“I read about it all the time, people helping others but to actually feel people that don't even know my mom, to help us and to help her be buried right…it's astonishing,” Patricia's 17-year-old daughter said.

The children still need nearly 2,000 dollars to cover funeral costs.

If you would like to donate money or Christmas gifts for the kids, it can be sent to or dropped off at Foster Care Closet in Lincoln.

They are asking you to put “funeral or Christmas presents” in the memo on the checks.

Address:                643 S 25th Street, Suite 8
                              Lincoln, NE  68510
Phone Number:     (402) 617-0667