Family Carries Legacy Of Loved One On

Misty Smith–Luebbert was killed by a drunk driver on Mothers day 2006. Her passion was helping others overcome drug and alcohol addiction and now her family is sharing that legacy.

Misty's family tells me they still hurt even though it's been five years since her sudden and tragic death, but knowing they're carrying on her legacy helps them heal.

Time helps, but doesn't heal everything. Just ask the family of Misty Luebbert. “the family is doing fine. We still hurt…”

The 30 year old was 7 months pregnant when a drunk driver rear ended her on Mother's day 2006. Misty died a few days later but doctors were able to save her unborn baby girl Jayden.

Misty lived her life helping others rebuild theirs.  Working as a drug and alcohol counselor, she had a special gift for children. Her Mother-in-law, Peg Luebbert, says “her passion was helping kids and it really was everything she wanted in life to do and she had just got to the point where she had the education when the accident happened.”

Co-workers at first step wellness knew they had to continue her legacy and passion for helping people beat addiction. So they began the “united for recovery” event. 

Celebrating awareness and education of drug and alcohol abuse. As they've watched the event grow over the last four years, Misty's family knows they're doing her memory justice. “misty would be so proud because she wanted people to be aware of the problem and to do something about it. And to see this many people come together every year is heartwarming. She would love it. She would just love it.”

The money raised at today's event will go towards drug and alcohol abuse education programs here in town. The family says they just hope to keep growing the event each year.

If you would like to make a donation you can send them to c/o First Step Wellness Services, 210 Gateway Ste 342, Lincoln, NE 68505.