Family of Lincoln Truck Driver Accused of Assault, Rape, Speaks Out

Carl Wayne Lawson's fiance and other family members admit he's made mistakes, but say he's a loving caring man who wouldn't hurt anybody. It was at an Oklahoma City truck stop where police say Carl Lawson of Lincoln met up with a woman. He's now charged with kidnapping, and raping the woman, but loved ones say that's not how they know him. Shauna Parker, Wayne Lawson's fiance says “He's probably the biggest teddy bear and he's always respectful of women, saying yes ma am and no ma am…he's not a violent person.” Shauna says Lawson was partying with the woman at the truck stop when she tried to steal his money. Arrest warrants indicate the woman told police Lawson became violent saying she could bite and scratch him because the “first three or four I killed it bothered me, now I kind of like it”.

Lawson was identified as a “person of interest” by law enforcement in Oklahoma in connection with a series of murders. Those murders involved victims being picked up at truck stops, beaten or strangled, and left on the side of the road, strangely similar to Lawson's case.

The couple did live in Oklahoma before coming to Lincoln, but Shauna tells Channel 8 Eyewitness News Wayne was home with her every single night. He's charged with rape, kidnapping and assault with intent to kill..