Family reacts to beating arrest

By: Lauren Fabrizi

Nearly five months after two men were beaten to death, police have arrested 19–year–old Richard McLaughlin III in connection with those deaths.

But the family of Shane Walton, one of the victims, said that doesn't bring them full closure.

“The family's happy that they have someone in custody,” Shane's uncle, Shaun Walton, said. “But I think time's going to tell if it's the right person or persons involved, that the greater travesty would be someone wrongly convicted.”

Walton said because it's an ongoing investigation, he wants to see how everything plays out in court. He said each day gets a little easier.

“We're getting on with our life,” Walton said. “We don't have much of a choice. We have to.”

Walton said the hardest part is knowing the death of both his nephew and 27–year–old David Mueller was the result of a senseless act of violence, from what police believe is gang–related activity.

But Walton said his family can start to move on knowing Shane was an organ donor.

“His life was not for nothing, so he saves a lot of people's lives in his death,” Walton said.