Family to honor veteran killed in crash with a scholarship

 Posted By: Veronica Ortega

Terri Dubas was driving to work Tuesday Morning when she heard about a fatal car accident in Western Douglas County near 186th and State St. in the city of Bennington.

“I didn’t think too much of it and I got to work and pulled up the news and that was the story I went to, saw the picture, out of my mouth was, that’s my truck,” says wife Terri Dubas.

Staff Sgt. Patrick Dubas was killed when he lost control of his SUV on slick roads and crashed into a tree. The last thing he sent to his wife was text message saying, “I love you.” 

“True love, he taught me how to love again, he taught me how to trust again,” says Terri.

Sgt. Dubas served his country for 23 years, he did three tours in Iraq and Kuwait, he was a mechanic in the army reserves.

The family has plans to start the Staff Sgt. Dubas ROTC scholarship, and award it to a graduating ROTC student from Omaha Public Schools to help pay for college.

“He wore that uniform like a coat of armor. He put that on and the chest pumped up, he was proud, very proud of that,” says Terri. 

Following in his father’s footsteps, his son Damon is in the JROTC program at school. The family hopes the scholarship will inspire others to serve their country.

“He was there for us when we really needed him, and he ended up becoming the rock of the family,” says son Tyler Hamelin.

If you would like to help, scholarship donations can be sent to the Lee Law Office in Omaha, PO Box 45947, Omaha NE 68145. Click on this link to contribute to the go-fund-me page to assist the family with other expenses.