Fans react to Dennard’s arrest

By: Kali Nicole

Whether inside a stadium, or outside a bar, Husker fans say they're seeing an aggressive trend in the former corner back, Alfonzo Dennard, as well as some former Huskers as a whole.

After two nights in jail, just three days before the NFL draft, former Husker corner back, Alfonzo Dennard, is out on $500 bail.

“We're glad we got him out of jail. That's a start. So really that's all I've got for today,” said Terry Dougherty, Dennard's attorney.

But Husker fans say they won't stop talking about the incident anytime soon. “I think it will definitely hurt him. A lot of teams don't like hearing guys now having run ins with the police,” said Eric Hess, a UNL junior.

But that's exactly what it was. Police say around 2:15 Saturday morning, officers spotted Dennard outside the Hour Lounge bar fighting. They say when they went to break it up, Dennard pushed and punched an officer in the face.

“An officer spoke with him just before he punched the male. And then officers intervened, placed him under arrest, giving him loud, verbal commands to place his hands behind his back,” said Officer Katie Flood with LPD.

Ultimately, they say it took four of them to get the all-Big Ten corner under control.

A slight taste of dejavu for fans who witnessed Dennard get ejected from a January game, also for punching. Fans add that after a year of watching the Huskers last big name get in trouble in Lincoln, then in the NFL, some things are going to have to change locally, if players expect to go pro.

“I know Suh had trouble a little bit, drinking and driving a little bit when he was here and we need to make sure our football players aren't getting in trouble like that. It puts a bad name on us, on the school,” said UNL sophomore, Andrew Rath.

If Dennard is convicted for this felony, he could face up to five years in prison. As far as the draft goes, fans as well as sports experts say they can see this run-in do anything from drop Dennard a few rounds, or take a few hundred thousand dollars off his contract.