Fans react to the Husker’s heartbreaker

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy

Cheers that filled the Railyard Saturday afternoon turned silent. Husker fans shocked after a 14–13 loss against Illinois.

"It was a hard fought game; we had the lead the whole way through," says Matthew Johnston, Husker fan.

A few fans think it’s more than a fight. They were left questioning play calls late in the fourth quarter.

"We need to go for the points when we can, its disappointing we did not go for the field goal at the end and got hosed on a couple of calls," says Brooke and Brandon Morris, Husker fans.

It was an outcome few fans predicted after the strong start.

"I think we can improve from where we are at right now," says Samantha Myers, Husker fan.

And where we’re at right now is a record of 2-3, the Husker’s worst start in more than 50 years.

Despite the record some fans remain hopeful.

"I think Riley will improve, I think our team will improve, it just takes some time to get used to something new, says Myers.

Fans Watched the game in the cold until the end; even if it meant curling up in their jacket or finding a spot next to a space heater.

"We love the Huskers. They come out fighting in the end. Hopefully we can make something out of this and try to get some more wins under our belt," says Morris.

But for one fan, the final score does not matter and record of 2-3 means nothing.

For her it’s all about the cheer.

"Go Big Red," says Makenna Kramer, Husker fan.