Fans React to the New Athletic Director

By: Sabrina Ahmed 

Not a lot of people had heard his name before—but that doesn't mean the new AD's reputation isn't speaking for itself. 

It was only a week ago that Tom Osborne announced his retirement. Shawn Eichorst's move from Miami to Nebraska came as a surprise to a lot of people.

“I think if you blinked, you may have missed it,” former Husker Steve Taylor said.

Taylor says Nebraska didn't waste any time.

“I applaud Nebraska for the way they moved on this—that way it takes all speculation out it and the football team can concentrate on that and the university can do things they need to do in order to keep things moving,” Taylor said.

Because the University moved so swiftly and that speculation didn't happen, fans aren't very familiar with Eichorst.

From what they have heard, it should be a good change.

“He seems like an alright guy—I know he's from Wisconsin, he's got a couple of connections from Nebraska in the past so it'd be nice to have someone who's at least familiar with our program to come in—that's encouraging,” Nebraska Sophomore Steve Mann said.

Fans say, after what he's done for Wisconsin and Miami, Osborne's replacement is a positive choice.

“I know he was at Wisconsin and helped turn their programs around and I'm excited to see what he can do here in Nebraska,” Nebraska Sophomore Steven Anthony said.

“It should be a very good situation to come in,” Taylor said.

But as far as what will really happen—they all say, only time will tell.

One thing the fans all said is, after working under a former husker at Wisconsin, he should have no problem fitting in with the Big Red.