Farmer: Rainfall was a ‘godsend’

By: Lauren Fabrizi

Some much-needed rain has made its way into southeastern Nebraska, leaving farmers in the area happy.

Lynn Freye has been a farmer in Lancaster County for more than 30 years. He said little rain in Nebraska is nothing new to him, but with his planting season just about to start, he was more than thankful for this weekend's rainfall.

“It was so dry, the ground froze out so good over winter, it looks really dusty, dry, fluffy on top,” Freye said. “It kind of helps settle things down, settle the dust. The rain was just a godsend!”

Freye said the rain will help the sub–soil stay moist, which in turn, will help his seeds germinate.

According to Channel 8 Eyewitness News Chief Meteorologist Luke Dorris, right now we're in a low level draught. So he said this rain period has definitely helped.

“We get today, and you get over an inch,” Dorris said. “You're going to cut a lot of that deficit down. Some of that's going to run off. But what is nice is that the last week, temperatures were in the 60s, 70s, 80s, the ground fairly soft. So you get the moisture to come, and some of that's going to seep in and get into the water table, which is fantastic.”

Dorris said although we're seeing rain less often, it rains heavier when it does rain. He said that helps even things out. He said what matters now is how much more of these rain periods we'll get.

Freye said he's not too worried. He has about 1,000 acres: 500 for corn and the other 500 for soybeans, and said he'll start planting sometime this week after the soil dries.

“We're never going to turn down a good rain, ever,” his wife, Jan, said.

“It'll carry us quite a ways, at least till middle of May or June,” Freye added. 

While Freye said he always appreciates a good spring rainstorm for his crops, he's hoping the summer time brings plenty of showers, too.