Fatal accident on West ‘O’

By: Megan Palera

It's an accident that ended in tragedy. 35-year-old Keith Homolka, dead after crashing head-on with a semi-truck.

Jerrad Amory, still shocked by what he saw, was one of the first to call for help. “I saw a red car hit by a semi and I immediately turned around and called 911,” he said.

That small car smashed in half. It happened near Git 'N Split gas station on West 'O' Street. Police say the Wilber man was headed westbound on West 'O' around 11 Thursday morning before striking the semi.

“It veered all across the roadway and into the path of the semi which tried to stop,” said Capt. David Beggs with LPD. Homolka was pronounced dead at the scene. West 'O' was shut down for several hours as crews tried to figure out how it all happened.

Police are still not sure why Homolka suddenly cut across traffic. Witnesses, like Amory, are sending prayers to the victim's family and friends. “My heart goes out to the families. I just want to make sure, I know that everything didn't turn out so well, but I want to make sure. Say a prayer for them and God bless the families that lost someone,” he said.

Keith Homolka was from Wilber, other than that we don't know much about him. The driver of the semi-truck was not injured.