Fatal house fire in Fairbury

At around 10:45 on Tuesday night the Fairbury Fire Department responded to a fatal house fire.

The a house fire that broke out took the life of 67 year old Gary Nolte, and Gary’s 3 year old dog named Duck.

According to the State Fire Marshal, the fire was caused by a candle that fell, which eventually lead to Gary’s death.

“My sister called me probably at midnight and told me he had passed away in the fire in the chair, in his chair,” said Tony Knolte the brother of the victim.

On the morning after the accident, Gary’s brother tony was left with boarding up the house, and trying to salvage what remains.

For Tony though he knows his brother, Gary was where he wanted to be.

“He had his dog and that was basically the love of his life. He’s had small dogs all of his life so the dog died in the fire too so probably something that he wishes happened the way it did,” added Tony.

For the family of Gary Knolte though there are still a lot of questions going into the future.

“We had phone calls last night knowing that it happened and this morning a little bit trying to find out what’s gonna happened and what’s all going on. Just a few more phone call even while I was on the roof there’s a couple of people needing more things. We’re still trying to figure out what’s all going on,” said Tony Knolte.