Father’s Day In Lincoln

By:  Cole Miller

It was a little hot and windy today, but that didn't stop many dads from spending the day outside.

Holmes lake was a popular destination for families to enjoy father's day.

Dads like Rene Docherty, who took two of his daughters fishing for the day.  He says it's by far the most rewarding job in the world…”I get to be responsible for them and accountable for them and protect them and I think every guy wants a sense of that. It's like in some cases, I guess, a superhero complex, you know? it's not like I want to be seen as a superhero, but your kids naturally default to that and every guy wants to be a hero and being a dad is the best you could ever get. I don't see how it could get any better.”

We hope all of you dads out their enjoyed your special day and had a chance to spend some time with your family.