Faust Retrial Underway

Opening statements were made Monday in the re-trial of Kimberly Faust. Nearly 3 years ago, she was convicted of double murder in Otoe County. But since then, the Nebraska Supreme Court ordered a retrial.

Here's a quick look back. In April of 2000, prosecutors say Kimberly Faust stabbed her estranged husband's girlfriend, 27-year old Shannon Bluhm, then put her in her car and set it on fire. After that, prosecutors say Faust shot Bluhm while she was in the burning car. Bob Parminter lived nearby, he saw the flames and came to Bluhm's rescue. Faust then allegedly shot him three times in the face. She was given two life sentences. But back in May, the State Supreme Court ruled her first trial was unfair because testimony was allowed that she had a history of violence.

On Monday, it was an emotional day for the family members of the two victims. They say reliving what happened to their loved ones nearly 4 years ago is very tough. Kimberly Faust walked into court Monday, to face her second trial. In opening statements Otoe County attorney Max Kelch told the jury Faust's father gave her the gun used in the shootings. He also pointed out that Bluhm's blood was found on a notebook in Kimberly Faust's vehicle. And that the two victims were shot at close range.

The defense argues that Faust was not strong enough or experienced enough to fire the three-57 magnum several times. And, defense attorney Jefferey Pickens told jurors he would demonstrate that Faust's estranged husband, Bruce, killed Bluhm and Parminter after an argument with Faust. No matter what the outcome of the trial Faust is not eligible for the death penalty, because of the sentencing phase of the previous trial.