FDA warning about OTC acid treatments

The FDA has a new warning for you. Several over the counter medicines millions of us take may do more harm for you than good. Some of the names may sound familiar, Prilosec, Prevacid and Protonix. Now if you use one of those medicines, or a similar drug, the FDA says be careful, they could make your bones more brittle.

Cliff Munger says he's “been taking prilosec for ten years.” And in that time,  “I've never had any problems I've a couple of falls but never had any problems.”

Mo problems like fractured bones because of the drug. Prilosec and similar medications such as Zegerid or Protonix are commonly used to treat heartburn, stomach or esophagus ailments. But the FDA now warns, if you take one of them you may be more likely to fracture your hip, wrist or spine.

We asked Megan Ober, a Pharmacist from the Bethany area's “The Pharmacy,” for her recommendations. “You need to be concerned about not taking them for more than one year if that's the case you need to check with your doctor you don't want to take a dose that's higher than prescribed by the physician or the package insert,” Ober said.

Ober also told us, you need to keep in mind, some of the people the FDA studied already had some risk factors which could lead to broken bones.

For Munger, he's not worried. “I wouldn't question the study but I think for those who use it without a doctors advice they need to be cautious.”

These products will still stay on the shelves. And the FDA will begin putting the warnings about fractures on the boxes.