Fees For Block Parties Could Go Up

Residents of Lincoln neighborhoods may soon have to fork over more money to have block parties. That's because the city Public Works Department is proposing an increase in fees for block party permits.

A bill introduced in the legislature would increase the current permit fee by about 60 dollars. Something many Lincoln residents say would put an end to block parties as well as an end to community involvement.

For years, Lincoln residents have gotten to know their neighbors by attending block parties like “National Night Out” Right now, the fee for holding a block party is 28 dollars, but Public Works Director, Alan Abbott says it actually costs 140 dollars to put up and take down street barricades so he wants to increase the fee to 90 dollars per permit. Alan Abbott is asking for public feedback on his proposal. You can call him at 441-7548. The proposal will go to the mayor as soon as next week, and if she signs it, the fee increase will take effect this summer.