FEMA Tours Flood Damage

FEMA officials, road crews and National Guard troops looked at the flooding aftermath to find out how much funding it will take to clean it all up.

Several teams are evaluating all the damage so the state can apply for federal funding to help repair it.

The waters are receding in Colfax County near Schuyler, but what they've left behind is devastating.  Steve Stark, with FEMA, says, “this is the worst I've seen of all the 60 counties in Nebraska.  This is the worst.”

Stark joined up with the head of the County Roads Department to help tell the state how much money it will take to fix the aftermath of the floods.  Stark says, “the state's capacity to be able to handle a disaster has reached beyond its normal need.  What we're doing out here for the preliminary damage assessment is seeing if the state or counties are going to be eligible for that assistance.”

The team's report goes to Governor Heineman who will send it to D.C. as a federal funding application.

10 National Guard troops are also surveying the damage up with the FEMA officials to survey the damage.  Staff Sergeant Larry Weise says after what he's seen here, he thinks more troops need to help out in the days ahead.  “We're like the eyes are ears of the state so that's pretty important to the higher command.  It's an evolving problem; the water is gone but the damage is starting to show.  There will be more problems if the storms don't go away.”

FEMA is surveying roads and bridges.

If you have a damaged home, NEMA teams are out to help you too.  Visit www.nema.ne.org for more information.