Finding The Cheapest Gas

If you've filled up your car lately, you've noticed the steady rise in gas prices.  To help you save more money at the pump, a few smartphone apps are now available.

If you're out on the road, it's likely you rely on gasoline to keep you going.  In just the past month, the national average for a gallon of unleaded gasoline has gone up about 30 cents…fueling the recent popularity of smart phone apps that help you find the cheapest gas.

There's one in particular that's booming…it's called Gasbuddy.  Verizon Wireless employee, Stephen Knittel says,  “the cool thing about it is folks can go in and sign up and enter a gas price yourself. So if you go to the gas station nearby you can plug in when you're at the pump what the gas price is there, so a lot of times it's user–driven so you have the most current gas prices.”

Another one is helpful whether you're in your hometown or taking a vacation…it's called VZ Navigator, available to Verizon customers to plan the most fuel efficient route… “so if you're going out of town, going on a trip, you can make sure you find the best gas price out of town, too,” Knittel says.

And while fuel costs continue creeping up to that 4 dollar mark, Knittel says these apps are another example of how smartphones can help your wallet… “smart phones do a lot for us. It allows us to stay connected and save money. There are a lot of different ways you can save money. Saving money on gas is just one of those ways you can do that. It's really cool to allow our users to stay connected and save money when gas prices are, like you said, inching towards $4.”