Firework Safety Tips

By:  Rachael Witter

The 4th of July is right around the corner and the state fire marshal's office has some tips for you to safely handle fireworks.  

Oak Lake park will be hosting the city's 4th of July celebration, the Uncle Sam Jam, next Tuesday, July 3rd.  If you are planning on setting off your own fireworks this Independence day, here's how you can stay safe.

Nebraskans are allowed to set off their own fireworks this year, but are urged to take precautions before setting them off.  Raymond Nance with the State Fire Marshal's Office says, “don't lean over a firework when you're lighting it off especially if it's a tube type device or cake display device or whatever. You don't wanna be over it and have it go off prematurely. If fireworks are out there on the ground that haven't gone off yet, don't go out and try to pick them up.”

A few tips to remember before the 4th, keep a source of water nearby in case something goes wrong, and it doesn't hurt to have the local fire department's number handy either.  If sparklers are your pyrotechnic of choice this 4th of July, make sure they are the gold or silver ones, and make sure you do have a bucket of water to put them out when you're done burning them.”

“Any other color is not allowed in our state. No rockets are allowed in our state that are on sticks. We cannot shoot off nighttime parachutes in our state because they have fire to them and they come down hot,” Nance says.

Most of all, just use common sense to keep things from getting out of hand.  “Children go out to shoot off fireworks and they set them off on concrete thinking it's a safe area and they fly back into grandpa's barn and light the hay on fire in the barn or different items and did the kids mean for that to happen? No. But fireworks need to be used under adult supervision,” he says.

With the heat and dry conditions in some parts of the state, the potential for fires is pretty high.  Fireworks are allowed in the city of Lincoln July 3rd and 4th, but be sure to take all the right safety precautions.

If you don't want to risk it, the city's fireworks display will be right here on July 3rd.