Fire at Local Retirement Home

Residents woke up to quite a scare this morning. When lighting hit the roof of their home…a small fire broke out. And this is not the first time Savannah Pines has been faced with flames. Bonnie Brock was one of dozens evacauated from their third floor apartments at around five-thirty Thursday morning. Lighting crashed into the roof…causing a small fire to break out in the center section of the complex. Bonnie says she and her husband were fast asleep, never hearing the crash of lighting. They were instead awoken by the commotion. For some people at Savannah Pines this fire brought back some painful memories. On Easter Sunday in 2-thousand the comlex had a devastating fire. At the time the building was under construction and about two thirds complete…damage was estimated at nearly seven million dollars. This time workers here say they got lucky. They say, there was no damage to apartments….the fire was contained to a small area in the attic.  No one was injured in Thursday's fire and residents were only evacuated for about 2 hours… Everyone was allowed back in their apartments. However the lighting did leave behind a mess. Now—the manager of Savannah Pines Steve Person says they will have to install a new sprinkler system, fire alarm, and get the roof repaired. Person says it could be a few weeks before the complex is back to normal.